Bring-Down-The-System Nazi Op Maneuvers "Obama" To His Rightful Nazi Inheritance: Conviction For Treason

Bring-Down-The-System Nazi Op Maneuvers “Obama” To His Rightful Nazi Inheritance: Conviction For Treason


With The Fourth Reich Shield Of Lies long-protecting Nazi Crown Prince Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz now smashed, the man who deceives as “Barack Hussein Obama” faces his rightful Nazi Inheritance: resounding conviction [and execution] for continuing the world-domination work of his wicked grandfather.

The only remaining uncertainty? Identification of countries to participate in Nuremberg Trials II – indicting him and his global Nazi Fourth Reich Conspirators.

A.k.a. Obama’s eight years usurpation of the Presidency apparently was not enough to satisfy his genetic compulsion to destroy America. With nationalist United States President Donald J. Trump now in The Oval Office, “Obama’s” Relentless Attack Against The American Republic continues. As Grandpa Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party brochure for the 1932 Reichstag elections bluntly put it:

Bring Down The System!

Nazi 1932 Reichstag Campaign: BRING DOWN THE SYSTEM!

As Adolf Hitler’s Stormtroopers ruthlessly, relentlessly attacked The German Republic til it was no more, Hitler’s daughter’s son, Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz, continues to lead a stealth attack against The American Republic.

These days, his primary target is The United States Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Alas for him, and his motley global crew of stealth komrades, seven decades later, again the world will see: There Is No Fool Like A Nazi Fool. As Nazi Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler – in exile for nearly two decades post-WWII – fumed, plotting stealth global revenge against countries that trounced him, so too, his grandson carries on the Hitler Family Delusion that The Nazi Reich will never end.

Assessed in its appropriate context, “Obama’s” Bring Down The Trump System maneuvers make perfect strategic political sense. Agitation, protests, character assassinations, assaults by political operatives, threats, intimidation, violence, murders, overwhelming of law enforcement, viciousness, outrageous lies, non-stop deceit, emotional manipulation, fake promises, spies and saboteurs everywhere, mocking and ridicule of those in political power, loud crowds demanding, mass media propaganda, and more, were key to Hitler’s seizing power. Why not re-enact 1920’s-1930s Nazi political evil-doing, to take down Trump?

The basic idea was to let Germany have no rest. A proper propaganda approach was defined as holding some 70 to 200 rallies in the same district in a period of seven to ten days.

Otis C. Mitchell: Hitler’s Stormtroopers And The Attack On The German Republic 1919-1933

As President Trump works assiduously to revive America’s gravely wounded corpus, Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz – cloaked as “Obama” – employs Grandpa Hitler’s ruthless, vicious tactics to ‘destroy’ him.

With these bonus tools and techniques: “Obama” operatives entrenched everywhere; an indefatigable, vicious, thoroughly immoral corporate media; stealth access to mass digital surveillance; and covert social media operatives ever-on-patrol to ‘control’ and ‘drive’ ‘the narrative’.

The Nazi Fourth Reich has tools that not even demon-god Hitler could possibly fantasize. In fact, it is no coincidence that Bâri’s grandfather Adolf Hitler invented mass surveillance. By the early 1940s, Hitler envisioned a camera on every corner in Nazi Germany, to stalk the comings and goings of his [ha ha] ‘beloved’ German volk. Even his trusty Gestapo were not to be totally trusted, when it came to Hitler’s insatiable drive to ‘own’, control, and terrorize.

The 7 March 2017 Wikileaks #Vault7 publication of more than 8000 classified CIA documents details the staggering extent and unthinkably nefarious methodology of the agency’s surveillance. False Flag Hack Attacks, designed to appear as if they originate elsewhere, is but one hideous CIA attack m.o. Diligent investigation will likely yield evidence that many of the so-called ‘breaches’ of United States files in the “Obama” Admin years, were, in fact, False Flags initiated by “Obama” to use as weapons against Russia and other nations; with the ‘secondary gain’ of terrorizing Americans.

On Bâri’ ‘progresses’, post his fraudulently-gained United States Presidency, a man whose life held no purpose other than to avenge his defeated grandfather. Bâri’, a man whose allegiance is to a ‘state’ that died its well-deserved death seventy-two years ago, when his mother was still a young girl. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun’s young girl, dispatched at a young age to ‘grow up’ in Amerika, and destroy it from within. The teenage girl who consorted with America’s top black radical, Malcolm X, to bear the son who would ‘finish the job’ of her father’s revenge. The boy she cloaked as “Barack Obama”, circa late 1970s, positioning him for his stealth political mission.

‘Unknown’ “Obama”, like Grandpa before him, ruthlessly clawing his way to the top of the political ladder. The ladder-top, from which he, like his seething exiled grandfather, refuses to come down.

Hitler’s goals were apparent. He wanted to send a clear message that his government would not be swept from office as part of another abrupt change of chancellors. Goebbels had said in mid-1932, that once the Nazis “have power, we will never surrender it unless we are bourne out of our offices as dead men.”

Otis C. Mitchell: Hitler’s Stormtroopers And The Attack On The German Republic 1919-1933

Is this, too, part and parcel of the self-annihilistic credo that a.k.a. Obama inherited from his grandfather?

Year after tedious year, I have watched you, old pal, Bro Bâri’, recklessly, seemingly self-consciously, destroy yourself with evil-doing. You’ve witnessed, for years, as I cried for you, begging you to turn away from satan, and seek God’s Divine Mercy. Composing this post, your 2011 query, would God forgive Adolf Hitler? returns to my consciousness. At that time, I exclaimed, yes! If he were truly repentant, yes!

I did not grasp that your inquiry was taunt. Your cryptic way to convey your biological, psychological, and emotional attachment to Adolf Hitler. Today, I respond to your query, would God forgive Bâri’ Hitler? with a sober ‘yes’ – heavy-hearted, fearful your time for repenting is soon to expire.