Chin up, Bâri', It's All For The Reich!

Chin up, Bâri’, It’s All For The Reich!

Turkey's Erdogan consoles Nazi Amerika's Hitler-Shabazz three days after Fourth-Reich-engineered Paris Terror Attacks. Photo EFE/EPA/BERK OZKAN/POOL

Turkey’s Erdogan consoles Nazi Amerika’s Hitler-Shabazz three days after Fourth-Reich-engineered Paris Terror Attacks. Photo EFE/EPA/BERK OZKAN/POOL

Nine days prior to “Turkey” shooting down Russia’s SU-24 military aircraft and mid-air execution by Turkmen terrorists of the parachuting pilot, the so-called leaders of Turkey and Nazi-Occupied Amerika posed for the G-20 ‘Family’ photo, above.

Nine, mind you, in Nazi-exalted demonic numerology, represents Mars, ‘God’ of War.

And war it is, vengeful war on the world. Stealth. Wicked. Heartless. A war to restore to power Hitler’s Nazi Reich.

War that the Fourth Reich delusionally believes it is winning. Why, witness the havoc wreaked by ‘secret army’ Islamists a few days prior, in Hitler’s treasured Paris! A scene not seen in Paris since World War II!

When Hitler’s Nazi troops devastated the city.

Military Hats of Nazi Soldiers Occupying Paris fill the cloak room shelves of a Paris Café, 1941

Military Hats of Nazi Soldiers Occupying Paris fill the cloak room shelves of a Paris Café, 1941

Mere days after the 2015 Paris Terror Attacks, in a bizarre and glaring public display, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pats the cheek of Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz, Adolf Hitler’s grandson, fraudulently, commonly known as Barack Hussein Obama II. [Photo above.]

Why is Erdogan’s gesture significant, especially given the fact that it was specifically enacted as photo-op? [And why does Hitler’s grandson, a.k.a. Obama, so meekly submit?]

Erdogan’s patting the cheek of Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz mimicks Adolf Hitler’s cheek-patting of Third Reich Hitler Jugend [youth], and of civilian Third Reich children

Was this deliberately telegraphed to the world, as evidence of a ‘family’ connection?

As in Nazi Reich Family? Now, in the 21st Century, the Nazi Fourth Reich? On a Victory Outing in Antalya, Turkey?

Antalya, the Turkish Capitol, wherein resides President Erdogan. Who happens to have been ‘outed’ as a Hitler clone:

Yet, could Erdogan’s ‘Imitation Of Hitler’ go far deeper? Might he and Bâri’ share a genetic bond with Adolf Hitler?

Walid Shoebat, former Muslim Brotherhood member turned Peace Activist, in his incisive commentary, offers this stunning photo comp of Adolf Hitler and Recep Tayyip Erdogan:

Turkey's Erdogan and Nazi Germany's Hitler, per Walid Shoebat

Turkey’s Erdogan and Nazi Germany’s Hitler, per Walid Shoebat

15 November 2015: Ostensibly, G20 Sunday. Occultly, Triumphant Sunday! 3 days after Friday’s Paris Terrorist Slaughter: a clear Nazi-demonic desecration of the three day Friday to Sunday, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Death to those who ‘killed off’ Hitler! Resurrection of The Nazi Reich!

But that’s not all that’s significant, to Nazi slaves of satan.

15 November marks the long-ago celebratory public debut of Adolf Hitler’s Reichskulturkammer.

“Germany’s new “Chamber of Culture” Reichskulturkammer, was opened by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels in a ceremony at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. Goebbels summed up the Nazi view in the inaugural speech, stating that “Culture is the highest expression of the creative forces of a nation, and the artist is its qualified inspirer”, whose “mission” was to further the national interest.

When we think of Paris, what do we first think?


And so it continues, the Nazi Reich’s demonic war on culture, on civilization, on humanity. Destruction of ways of life, of law and order, of artifacts. Of all life not in lock-step with The Reich.

Paris, 13 November 2015: The Nazi Reich storms Paris once again, this time with its military cloaked as Islamists.

Nine days after Erdogan’s symbolic pat on Hitler’s grandson’s cheek – precisely nine, for Mars, ‘God’ of War – The Nazi Fourth Reich will strike again, with NATO ally Turkey shooting down a Russian SU-24 military jet.

The strategic aim: the stoking of World War III, and use of NATO to smash Russia – ‘finishing the job’ started by Adolf Hitler in June 1941.

Aren’t Fourth Reich Nazis clever?!

Oh so clever. Oh so dumb. Thinking the world will never catch on. Thinking that somehow, they will escape the fate of their forefathers, oh so loyal to Hitler’s Third Reich.

The Nazi Reich, burning hot, obsessive, deranged, in their tiny psychotic universe.

A universe now imploding from within, and battered from without.

Too bad for Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz, a.k.a Obama – and his Nazi Queen Mother, F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist a.k.a. Elizabeth Ann Duke – no Argentine Hideaway awaits them, as existed for her father Adolf Hitler, and her mother Eva Braun. 

The monstrous Surveillance State, fed and fortified by Bâri’, will not only stalk; it will find and deliver Fourth Reich operatives to International Tribunals. Where, aligning with the Nazi-victimized world, the Digital SS [Surveillance State] of Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz will bountifully spew forth, for all to see, his – and the Nazi Fourth Reich’s – unspeakably evil deeds.