D-Day For Führer "Obama": Home To Deutschland

D-Day For Führer “Obama”: Home To Deutschland


Führer “Obama” is Deutschland-bound today: his D-Day Trip symbolizing steely determination to un-do what Russia did in World War II to his maternal grandfather.

Will Hitler’s grandson in his dual, fake role as United States President, attend festivities in France celebrating the beginning of the end of World War II?


A.k.a. Obama has serious business to attend to, in the old country. And what better setting, than Grandpa’s Bavarian Alps?

This D-Day weekend, 71 years later, Führer “Obama” and G7 comrades won’t be working and recreating at any old location.

Scloss Elmau, G7 meeting site, has important Nazi symbolic significance!

“During the Nazi era, [owner] Müller avoided the risk of an expropriation order by leasing the building to the Wehrmacht. Troops used the site for rest and recuperation after battle.”

Top on 4th Reich Führer Obama’s agenda: breaking Russia.  With lots of help, he wagers, from his G-7 Allies. The Führer’s latest propagandistic ‘moral indignation’: alleged ‘uptick in fighting’ in Ukraine.

In June 1941, Adolf Hitler set out to break Russia with Unternehmen Barbarossa [Operation Barbarossa].

April 1945: Russian soldiers drive Hitler from his Berlin Bunker.

“Don’t be afraid of Russia,” slyly quips Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview released today.  “The world has changed so much that people in their right mind cannot imagine such a large-scale military conflict today. Only a sick person….”




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