It All Begins With Baby Girl Braun-Hitler....

It All Begins With Baby Girl Braun-Hitler….


Exactly as The “Obama” Conspirators have long flung in our faces, attempting to deflect and destroy their Truth via ridicule, The “Obama” Conspiracy to seize The United States Presidency, and ultimately, Global Power, is indeed, seven decades old, and very far-reaching.

Extending all the way back to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

In 1945, one of Hitler’s last directives was for Nazi operatives to work underground, globally, as saboteurs and spies, to carry forth the work of his Thousand Year Reich.

Which, indeed they did.

While the foolish ‘world’ assumed Nazism was crushed beyond repair, the Nazi Underground was diligently regrouping, to usher in The Fourth [and Final] Reich.

Oh so clever they were, here in America! A teenage pregnancy, long ago. A seemingly ‘no one’ white girl, unwed, giving birth to a bi-racial baby.

Via the [not so] secret daughter of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, The Nazi Prince, who would come to be fraudulently known as “Barack Hussein Obama II”, was born, sired by black radical revolutionary, Nation Of Islam Minister Malcolm X.

Obama’s Nazi Heart: Grandpa Adolf Hitler, Mom, And The Stealth Rebirth Of The Third Reich: