Laughing At America [And The Entire World]

Laughing At America [And The Entire World]


Photo Copyright 2015 AP / Carolyn Kaster

As I approach my fifth year investigating Aka Obama, the change in tone of The “Obama” Conspirators is striking. What used to be hilarious Laughing At America – as they repetitively ‘got away’ with deceit, treachery, deliberate destruction and high treason  – is now, at best, momentary “Ha, we did it!”

Their laughter, quickly extinguished by inescapable reality that The “Obama” Conspirators’ Crimes Against America – and Crimes Against Peace – at last have closed in upon them.

Which to them, was unthinkable! How could their carefully calculated scheme have gone so wrong? A scheme conceived in scintillating evil. Test-marketed with decades of successful wickedness without a breath of detection. Fortified by satan himself, in exchange for  steadfast allegiance to ‘any means necessary’.

Propagandistic media. Stolen Elections skill. Legal lassos. Terror masterminding; terrifying execution. Ruthless intimidation, here and abroad. Digital stalking of Americans via their everyday electronics, obscene, intrusive, illegal – not just to ‘monitor’ – and inhibit – but for its blackmail value. Digital stalking, strong-arming of world leaders, of their colleagues.

The full force of The United States Government at their wicked fingertips!

Patriotic Americans, veterans, declared domestic terrorist threats. Crushing of Religious Liberties. Desecration of all America holds dear.

Destruction of actual evidence. Replacement with fake evidence.

Whole-scale silencing of Truth.

Appointment of the radicalized – cloaked by suits, shielded by credentials – to key government positions.

Abuse of language, to make evil sound good, and good, evil.

Can Power get funnier?

With this, The “Obama” Conspirators’ Ultimate ROTFLMAO Escapade of all: the creation, marketing and U.S. Presidential Election of the synthetic, fake, fraudulent identity “Barack Hussein Obama II”.

Oh, how hilarious!

Oh, how glorious it was! The world, subjugated to their command! At last, the ushering in of ‘The New World Order’ – fancy language for what is, actually, an old vision. An odiously evil vision, re-purposed, re-branded, re-packaged; distributed by conspiratorial officials and media propagandists, sold by various and sundry agents, to confuse, to deceive. To destroy all heretofore human civilization; to rebuild the world in their deranged image.

Saboteurs everywhere. Shape-shifting snakes. Ruthless rats. Death. Destruction. Retaliation.

Then ….

As with every Endeavor of Evil, the pivot point has arrived: saturated with treachery by the ‘other’, they who once stood together now entrench in urgent, intractable positions of self-preservation.

Ominous indeed, that ‘Secret Army’ ISIS no longer laughs with their decades-old allies, The “Obama” Conspirators.