"Obama's" Teehaus Walk: Re-enactment Of Grandpa Adolf's Ritual

“Obama’s” Teehaus Walk: Re-enactment Of Grandpa Adolf’s Ritual


29 April 1945: Fake Wedding of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. [Doubles were employed; Adolf and Eva fled just after midnight the day before.*]

29 April 2015: 70 years later, the man who fraudulently presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II” takes his guest for a walk to a D.C. Tea House:


To Teaism – which just so happens to mean: Aka Obama strolling “H” Street.

Lafayette Park Washington DC per Yahoo Maps

Lafayette Park per Yahoo Maps

Oh, the power of symbolism, to Nazis. Oh, the power of ritual.

The Führer, Adolf Hitler. His grandson, Führer Obama, symbolically marking his grandparents’ Fake Wedding Anniversary, by re-enacting Grandpa’s Ritual.

A walk to the Teehaus, that’s what Adolf would do, at home at The Berghof. A lovely twenty minute stroll, where he and guests, along with Eva, would sit, sip tea, and enjoy a bite to eat.

Some of Hitler’s most ‘human’ images were taken at the Teehaus. Like this iconic lovebird image of dainty Eva at Adolf’s side:

Hitler + Braun at Teehaus

Not that D.C. can hold a candle to Grandpa’s Teehaus. For one thing, the urban setting simply isn’t the same. How could D.C. offer anything to vie with the breathtaking view from Adolf Hitler’s favorite spot, the adjacent Berghof Overlook?


City dwellers: Not to fret.

At Geoff Walden’s exceptional website Third Reich In Ruins, just like Fourth Reich Führer Obama, you too can take a “TEEHAUS WALK”, imagining yourself strolling with Adolf Hitler and guests, from his mountain home The Berghof.

Winter, summer, spring or fall, you won’t even need “Obama” as your tour guide.


 Copyright Walter Frenz Collection; featured at Geoff Walden’s Third Reich In Ruins.


* See Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams. A You Tube video interview of Gerrard Williams  is also available.