"Obama's" Unhappy Heart, This Fall-Of-The-Nazi-Reich Day

“Obama’s” Unhappy Heart, This Fall-Of-The-Nazi-Reich Day


It’s seventy years today, since the Thousand Year Reich of “Obama’s” Grandpa, Adolf Hitler, was pounded and pummeled out of existence. Seventy years since The German Instrument Of Surrender was signed in Berlin, under orders by Hitler’s hand-picked successor, Admiral Karl Dönitz.


Admiral Karl Dönitz with Adolf Hitler in the FührerBunker, Berlin, 1945. From the expression on Hitler’s face, you’d think he was winning the war. Dönitz’ face reflects reality.

Seventy years, in which Hitler’s Neuordnung [New Order, a.k.a. New World Order], perforce, has had to be carried out clandestinely. ‘Underground’. Rebranded. Repackaged. Here, in America, soldiered by smiling saboteurs, well dressed and well educated, masquerading as American Patriots.

For Bâri’ Hitler Shabazz, a.k.a Barack Hussein Obama II, this day, 8 May, is no “Victory In Europe” Day.

No. For Bâri’, and for his mother, daughter of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, 8 May is “Tag der Kapitulation” – the Day Of Capitulation.

A day they’ve devoted their entire lives to avenging “By Any Means Necessary” [famous language of “Obama’s” father, Malcolm X].

Is it any mystery that A.k.a. Obama was nowhere to be seen today, honoring America’s Armed Forces?

Or any wonder, that Russian President Putin’s invitation to “Obama” to join tomorrow’s festivities in Red Square, was rebuffed?


German Instrument Of Surrender signed in Berlin, 8 May 1945