Putin Knows

Putin Knows


In a clear expression of evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware that United States President “Barack Obama” is, indeed, the grandson of Adolf Hitler, The U.K. Daily Mail today reported the existence of “a billboard showing a winking Russian President Vladimir Putin and a bear as well as a T-shirt that reads: ‘I’m a friend of Putin’ at Victory Park ahead of celebrations.”


How does President Putin’s Victory-Over-Nazi-Germany-Day billboard express evidence of his knowledge of A.k.a. Obama’s actual lineage?

The use of a bear, a wink, and an “I’m a friend of Putin” warning.

A bear, because ‘Bär’ [as in Bâri’, and in ‘Barack’] is German for ‘bear’.

A wink, meaning “I know who you are, bro.”

A warning: “Keep crossing me, Bär, and the entire world will be told who you really are.”

Ever hear A.k.a. Obama ‘jokingly’ announce, when he is out and about: “The Bear Is Loose”?

Russia suffered greatly at the hands of German Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler, who instigated World War II. Putin is not about to sit back and watch Hitler’s grandson, Fourth Reich Führer “Obama”, stoke a vengeful ‘Return Of The Nazi Reich’ World War III.

More from today’s U.K. Daily Mail:

  • President Vladimir Putin held Russia’s largest ever Victory Day military parade in Red Square in Moscow today
  • He used the event as a way to showcase Russia’s military prowess including their formidable T-14 Armata tanks

As one of my dear friends often quips, “things are about to get very interesting.”

Braun-Hitler aka Newman 1965 + son Bari Hitler-Shabazz aka Barack Obama 1000x930

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Left: A.k.a. Obama’s actual mother, Braun-Hitler, masquerading in New York City as “[Jo] Ann Newman” at the 1965 assassination of her lover, Malcolm X Shabazz, the father of her son, Bâri’ Malik Hitler-Shabazz, a.k.a Barack Obama [Right].