Today, Germany Is Ours; Tomorrow, The Entire World

Today, Germany Is Ours; Tomorrow, The Entire World


LUCIFER Franz von Stuck 1890

Lucifer [1890], by Adolf Hitler’s favorite artist, Franz von Stuck

80 years ago, Nazi Germany’s Reichsarbeitsdienst (Reich Labor Service) made it official:

“Denn heute gehört uns Deutschland

Und morgen die ganze Welt”

“Today, Germany belongs to us

And tomorrow the entire world”

This official Nazi Marching Song was Hans Baumann’s Es zittern die morschen Knochen.

Despite the ostensible end to World WAR II, marching into a future in which the ‘entire world belongs to us’, indeed, the Nazis have.

When Adolf Hitler fled to South America in 1945, his Nazi Party didn’t crumble. Far from it.

Per Hitler’s 1945 orders, followed by 17 years of his continued wicked direction and oversight, the Nazis regrouped. Wickedly, assiduously, globally, underground, they worked, seething with demonic revenge.

Because no one was ‘looking for them’ or for the fake-dead Hitler, all these decades, the Nazis have worked, unchecked, globally – cloaked by every political party ‘cover’, stealth-embedded in every important organization, crouching behind credentials and titles and multiple skin-colors.

Leading straight to today’s Global Nazi Control.

In Truth, our besieged world teeters on the brink of Adolf Hitler’s Neuordnung – a.k.a New World Order. A hideous eventuality about which the world was duly warned.

In 1945, shortly after the ostensible end to The Third Reich, in the days when Hollywood was solidly on the side of America, a short documentary, Hitler Lives, was so compelling it garnered an Academy Award.

Would Saul Elkins, its writer, be shocked to hear that, since 2009, Hitler [literally] Lives in The United States Of America’s White House, in the body of his grandson, Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz, a.k.a. Barack Obama?

Tune in and decide for yourself: TERRIBLE TRUTH Radio Show “Academy Award Documentary Warning: HITLER LIVES”.  [Audio sabotage, courtesy of The “Obama” Conspirators.]