Wotan: divine inspiration for Hitler's 'Wild Things'

Wotan: divine inspiration for Hitler’s ‘Wild Things’


“On rough nights I go sometimes / To the oak of Wotan in the still garden / To make a pact with dark forces. The moonlight makes runes appear. Those that were sunbathed during the day / Become small before the magic formula.”

Adolf Hitler


“The youthful Hitler was much more attracted to the Teutonic myths of ancient Germany; he particularly liked pretending to be Wotan, the god of death and destruction – one who constantly demanded human sacrifice. 

Ominously [and as it turned out, quite fittingly], one of Hitler’s favorite paintings, by von Stuck, was of Wotan, the mad huntsman.

The face of Wotan in the painting bore a chilling resemblance to Hitler’s own face.”

Bob Rosio, Hitler And The New Age

THE WILD CHASE Franz von Stuck 1889

Die wilde Jagd – The Wild Chase

Painted in 1889, the year of Adolf Hitler’s birth. Note the striking similarity between the face of Wotan, god of death and destruction, and that of Adolf Hitler.